Press Release April 2016


Discriminating design enthusiasts can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience meeting Irish designers and artisans on THE IRISH COLLECTION – an exclusive trip hosted by internationally recognized designer Grania Murray. Escorted into the homes and private studios of world class Irish artisans, visitors will witness creativity at the source, explore the artistic process as well as have an opportunity to commission the creations of their choice.Among the many experiences available: visit jewelers who have created “wearable treasures” seen on the Oscar red carpet; drink elderberry Prosecco with an award winning painter in his country workshop; meet a husband and wife, drawn together by their love of fire and metal, who create their artwork as blacksmiths; learn trade secrets from a famous perfumer; sit with designers in their countryside studios who blend their love of art and fashion into beautiful fashions for royalty and celebrities.THE IRISH COLLECTION will show you Ireland’s rich design world from the inside out and can be tailored to suit any tour group’s design preference and schedule.

For more details, visit THEIRISHCOLLECTION.LIFE

“THE IRISH COLLECTION is an important part of culture in both a general sense and in a specific sense of individual lives. Both the US and Ireland are vibrant democracies. Once we get past meeting the basic economic needs of the human being there are larger needs as well. One of them finds it’s expression in design, arts and forms of entertainment. THE IRISH COLLECTION is a manifestation of that, in both ways. These exchanges bring our two countries together and help create economic growth and jobs and opportunities in Ireland. That’s the way you encourage people to go as high and as far as their talent and willingness to work will take them…”

– Senator George Mitchell

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