Rudolf Heltzel

His is an evolving narrative of timeless elegance and beauty. It is informed by a technical virtuosity and an expertise in those crafts of ages, ancient skills, that have been passed across decades, even centuries, from master to apprentice, even master to master.

Mention him to his peers and invariably they speak of a gentle, modest man, a gifted designer blessed with an ability to find the voices of his materials and make them sing.

Rudolf Heltzel’s star has shone unabated for close to 50 years – illuminated not by the size of his PR budget, illuminated only by the enormity of his talent. He has passed this craft on to his son Christopher and they collaborate seamlessly now.

Rudolf shows us that good design is innovative, honest and durable – it does not produce novelty for novelty’s sake, it is not trendy and out of date tomorrow. He shows us that good design is aesthetic and consistent to the last detail.

He shows us too that good design is as little design as possible – it is about purity and underscores the quality of the materials it employs.

One of a kind couture jewellery, the designs of the pendants are dictated by the aesthetics of the unique stones used, their realisation honed through an equally unique personal skill, a craftsmanship that is the very essence of luxury.

They are further appreciated when we see a woman wearing a Rudolf Heltzel piece insofar as we look at them both at once and as one ….that is the magic of this master designer, this master goldsmith.

Words by Eddie Shanahan