Patrick Walshe

Irish arist Patrick Walshe was born in County Clare, in 1952. He left Ireland to develop his art in New York and Los Angeles in the 1980’s and 90’s where he exhibited widely. Returning to Ireland via Africa and Asia, he now lives and paints in the Wicklow mountains near Glendalough.

In recent years there has been a transition in his painting from realistic landscapes that had a sense of magical realism and a simple joy in looking closely at nature and being immersed in that experience.Today the work still speaks the language of landscape, but has become focused on colour, form and emotional moments of response to internal and external wanderings.. There is a search here, a sense of looking through to the heart of personal experience and man’s interaction with the world..This is suggestive abstraction giving the viewer license to interpret and initiate their own spiritual discourse with the paintings.